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Frequently asked questions

I can’t decide which plan to choose. Can you help ?
Contact us via email at or through our live chat on the website. We'll help you choose the plan and support you through the implementation process.
Do you have API documentation ?
Sure. Please visit our API documentation page. If you still have questions, you can also check out articles available on our Helpdesk or ask questions directly there.
What’s the difference between downloads and other calls?
Download calls are requests made to retrieval engines specifically for obtaining content. Other calls refer to requests made to search engines. For instance, every time a user sees a preview of an icon or illustration as a search output, it counts as another call. When a user proceeds to download an image, that action registers as a download call.
What limitations exist for using your API ?
Speaking of graphics and music, you may not sublicense, sell, or distribute our content in a way where customers could extract the items or access our content as standalone files. Additionally, caching the content obtained through the API is not permitted. As for the AI tools, you may not use them for unlawful activities, like disinformation or document forgery. These are the basic rules. For the full list of dos and don’ts, refer to our API license.

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