Icons8 Search API v5.0.0

Icon search API documentation


Security definitions

You can authenticate using one of the following methods:

  • An Api-Key header. For example, Api-Key: YOUR_API_KEY.
  • A token query parameter. For example, if you want to make a request to a resource with URL /endpoint, you can specify your key as /endpoint?token=YOUR_API_KEY

Make sure that each request you perform includes your API key in one of the specified formats. Otherwise, the request will fail.


Search icons within elasticsearch (version 5)

GET https://search.icons8.com/api/iconsets/v5/search?term=cart&token=YOUR_API_KEY



term required string

Term to search by.

amount optional number at least 1

How many objects to return at most.

offset optional number

How many object to skip from the beginning of the result collection.

platform optional string

Filter by platform with this API code.

language optional string default en

Language in which to return the results

token optional string

Api token

authors optional string default icons8

possible values: "icons8" (only icons from icons8 designers), "external" (only icons from marketplace authors), "all"

isAnimated optional boolean

Include animated icons.



200 - A successful response with a list of results.


success optional boolean

Whether the response was successful

parameters optional object

Meta-information about the request and collection size.

amount optional number

Amount of returned documents.

countAll optional number

Total amount of documents for this term and platform.

language optional string

Language in which the results are returned.

offset optional number

How many documents are skipped from beginning of the collection with all results.

term optional string

Search term for which the request ocurred.

icons optional array of object

Resulting array of found icons for this platform and term.

id optional string

A unique id of this icon.

name optional string

A human-readable name of this icon.

commonName optional string

An API-consumable alias of this icon.

category optional string

A human-readable name of the category which contains this icon.

platform optional string

An API-consumable alias of the platform which contains this icon.

isAnimated optional boolean

Whether the icon is animated

isFree optional boolean

Whether the icon is free. Will only be present when it is true

message optional string